Emails, Email, Emails!

It is important for your business to carry a professional image to get seen in today’s already saturated online market. A professional appearance plays a great role for your business to achieve success and engage clients- present and future.

A great way to stand out online is by having personalized email addresses to gain confidence with all your clients. A business domain simply carries more weight and influence.


Here are some benefits of having email accounts with your domain name in them:

1. Individualized emails – Whether by subject or staff member can be very helpful to assigning duties. Instead of everything resting on your shoulders you can task employees to be in charge of some of the email correspondence.

2. Aliases – If you are the only one emailing, you can set up email aliases, AKA forwarding email addresses. For example if your mailbox is “”, you can create an alias mailbox named “” and all emails sent to “”” will be forward to “”. You can create as many aliases as your wish and all incoming mail will end up in the same place: your inbox.


3. Organized Contact Lists -New clients or old, mailing lists help you organize your customers to maximize your reach. You can import your contact lists from pre existing email accounts, and add them various mailing lists, all with a click of the mouse!

4. Personal touch – While emails to large audiences are helpful, being able to respond personally from any particular mailbox gives that added sense of personal connection to your clients, which always goes a long way.

5. Access Anywhere– Remember that you can access your email from any computer, tablet or mobile device. With your website you can get 5 email accounts at no additional cost to you with your own domain i.e. “”.


We would love to help your company use this awesome feature – log in and submit a service ticket or give us a call at 1-877-239-9308 to get more information on setting your emails up today!