5 Tips for Gymnastics Parents from Nastia Liukin

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Nastia Liukin, a 5-time gold medalist. She is the 2008 Olympic individual all-around champion, the 2005 and 2007 world champion on the balance beam, and the 2005 world champion on the uneven bars. She is also a four-time all-around U.S. national champion, winning twice as a junior and twice as a senior.

Nastia has also been known for her commitment in helping young girls with big dreams. She believes that parents play an important role in the lives of their young Olympic hopefuls. Now, in this post, Nastia Liukin has some tips/advice for parents of a gymnast. Having experienced it herself, she clearly remembers how her parents helped to shape her path.

So, here are the list of 5 tips from our Olympic medalist:

5 Tips for Gymnastics Parents from Nastia Liukin.