Snap 1.3 Enhancements

Hope you’re having a great week.  Just wanted to let you know about a few improvements that went out today…
Edit Price Models
After much anticipation, the ability to edit price models is now available!  Just visit a price model & click the ‘Edit’ button at the bottom of the screen.  Two major things of note here.  First, you cannot change the ‘Enrollment Duration’ field.  Simply put, it would cause too much mayhem changing from a ‘Multiple days’ to a ‘Single day’ model, or vice versa!  The second item of note for editing price models is that it DOES NOT change any existing invoices.  It will, of course, be reflected both in the app’s projection of their next billing cycle as well as any new invoicing.
Clone Classes
Yep, now you can clone existing classes & put them in the same or a new folder directory.  That’s going to make adding more classes & teams a breeze.  The only caveat to mention w/ this feature is it ONLY clones class info.  It DOES NOT clone enrollments, waiting lists, & staff as there are simply too many date oddities & usability choices that prolong the use & development of this feature.
Transferring an Individual Enrollment
Now when those parents call in explaining that Suzie’s got to switch from Mon to Tue, no problem!  Just visit that user’s account, select the enrollment & choose ’Transfer’.  You can schedule an end date on the existing enrollment & build a new one all from 1 screen!
Class Roster Report
See each of your students, their parents & contact information grouped by all or any classes of your choosing.
In addition to these major improvements, we finished some bug fixes (including that pesky login email address edit bug) & stylistic changes that will improve your experience in the app!
As always, thank you so much for your feedback.